Phill Macfarlane

Phill McFarlane

Phill is a qualified Kite surf instructor and surf guide. Chasing wind, waves and adventure around the world for years, he has fallen in love with Fiji, a spot often frequented for its consistent, trade winds and awesome swell. Buying a block of land with his dad on the coral coast in 2013, Phill, his partner, family and close friends are building and creating designated Fiji; to live the dream and share it with others.

The other side of the Designated Kite Surf experience involves promoting healthy living through food and lifestyle. Our goal is to impact each visitor in such a way that inspires them to spread awareness of the beauty of simple, healthful living...

We are a family run business
We have 15 years kiting experience between us
We are doing it for the love of the lifestyle and the ocean
We have extensive knowledge of The Coral Coast Fiji
We have a love for the Fijian culture and way of life
We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely happy with our services


Guy Dwyer Electrician/Business Owner

​Phill and I have been mates long before kiting was even thought of, but I remember well when Phill first got into kiting in the early 2000's. It took me a while to give it a proper go but after meeting up with him in Peru and getting a week of solid lessons I couldn't believe I hadn't done it sooner. On our second week we did a downwinder from Labidos to Mancora past oil platforms, old junk sailboats, sea lions and turtles....I was hooked and now I live for it.
I've gone as far as taking a summer off my regular job as a sparky to get on the old CT110 motorbike and do the postie round in the mornings so I could kite every arvo.
Since Peru, we've been kiting together all over the east and west coasts of Australia, the rocky mountains, PNG and of course Fiji. I was with Phill on his first recon trip to Fiji and I can see why he has fallen in love with the place. It has everything for the outdoor lover, mountains, jungles, clean air and most importantly off the chart friendly people, world class waves and great wind.
I owe Phill a lot for not just convincing me to take it up but also spending the time and effort to teach me how to kite properly.
It's a true passion I will have for life. I'll look forward to the yearly kite trips to Fiji and watching DESIGNATED FIJI grow and evolve.
Let the wind blow strong and the waves be hollow.

The kite guide (Phill MacFarlane) was awesome, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending going on a trip with him to anyone. I saw him on many occasions go out of his way to help people and even drop his own kite to help relaunch others etc. I think you really need someone like this otherwise the boat logistics etc could potentially be a nightmare.

Pete Weatherhead Engineer
Jennie Phillips Owner, Zephyr Kite Tours

I’ve led many amazing kite & surf adventures with Phil McFarlane from Designated Kitesurf. His enthusiasm for adventure and finding the perfect conditions is contagious. He has no fear, plenty of skills and his kite wave riding is on par with the Pros. If you want adventure, good times and a unique intensive wave & wind holiday then Phil’s your man. There’s no pussy-ing out or down time, it's all go with Phill when you are in his care.

Phill and I have been mates since we were 14. I have always looked up to him and wanted to follow in his glorious footsteps. When he learned to kite I was amazed by his skills and grace. I had to learn myself. I have been kiting now for 5 years and hope to one day be close to Phills' skill level, but will be forever in the shadow cast by Phill and his kite!

Josh Buttsworth Driller