Sustainable Permaculture and Building

Designated PermaPatch

The other side of the Designated Kite Surf experience involves promoting healthy living through food and lifestyle. Our goal is to impact each visitor in such a way that inspires them to spread awareness of the beauty of simple, healthful living. We aim to integrate permaculture principles into the design of the entire property including natural building techniques, food forests and harnessing the resources of the land. We believe wholeheartedly that if people lived more simply, more consciously and connected to their surrounding environment, our earth would be a much healthier place.


There is an abundance of alternative resources that are sustainable and non toxic, throughout the world, that seemed to have slipped under the radar when it comes to building homes. Our goal is to build environmentally friendly dwellings by implementing alternative building techniques, using recycled materials and resources from the land. By using hardwoods, bamboo, straw, rock and clay sourced on site, we reduce the use of excessive heavy machinery such as excavators and large trucks and the associated fuel consumption and transport pollution. We have already sourced recycled building materials from neighbouring homes and we intend to keep searching for "trash" that will become our "treasure". By incorporating rainwater, grey water systems and composting toilets for the dwellings we will create a closed circulatory system, lessening the impact on the land. After all Waidroka Bay is truly stunning and we'd like to keep it that way!

Newly cleared land

Newly cleared land, looking towards the creek.

Driveway earthworks complete

Driveway earthworks complete.

Looking up from the creek

Looking up from the creek, lots of foundation work happening here.

Earth Oven

Bertha the earth oven and her sidekick herb garden.

Foundation drainage

Foundation drainage, Bertha and the stone wall terrace garden.

Foundations ready for building

Foundations ready for building.

6 months worth of work

Looking at 6 months of work by a combined effort of friends, family & our Fijian crew.

Brainstorming bottle wall ideas

Brainstorming bottle wall ideas.

bottles and clay

Anna working her magic with bottles and clay.


We have experienced the positive effects of working with our hands, connecting with the soil, growing our food and becoming closer to being self-sufficient. We love to cook healthy, wholesome meals prepared with food grown at home or sourced locally. These skills are what we would like to share with our visitors. We recently planted a food forest with nitrogen fixing legumes and an abundance of fruit and spice trees. The land is steep and in order to maximise growing space, we have terraced the hills and planted them with local Fijian vegetables and greens such as moca, bele and ginger. We have a raised veggie patch, a bottle wall garden and several compost heaps on the go. Everything is experimental, and a canvas for creativity. It is a dynamic space for growing and farming!

completed bottle wall gardens

Completed bottle wall gardens looking up towards the top section of the property.

Bottle wall Garden Fiji

Anna and Jelena with their bottle wall garden.

Earth Oven foundation construction

Earth Oven foundation construction.

Composting toilet foundations

Composting toilet foundations.

Our thriving pumpkin patch

Our thriving pumpkin patch.

Freshly planted vegetable garden

Freshly planted vegetable garden complete with Papaya and Banana plants.


The Fijian way of life is community oriented and we see the beauty of this. So the dream is to create a community space for family and friends to come and share skills and ideas. We recognise the importance of creating awareness about living a lifestyle that is happy and healthy, and we believe we can show people how to achieve this through leading by example. Right from the beginning, from clearing the land to planting food and building an earth oven, Designated PermaPatch has been a combined effort by many friends from all walks of life from all over the world. We want to continue this effort because we have experienced the joy of working together, letting individual talents and imaginations shape the dream.

Check back for updates on our progress and follow our sustainable permaculture and building journey...